About Shamel Information Services

Cynthia L. Shamel founded Shamel Information Services in 1998, offering research solutions, competitive intelligence, and information consulting services adding value through analysis and summary of findings. She has written dozens of articles related to research and marketing, edited the book on online market and industry research, and most recently co-authored a knowledge management book offering insights from practical experience.

Leadership and Recognition

Shamel is a recognized leader in the industry as a past president of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and past president of the San Diego Chapter of SLA. In awarding her the 2006 Sue Rugge Memorial Award for mentoring, her peers in AIIP have acknowledged her contribution to the information industry.

Cindy Shamel recently received recognition from AIIP for service to the organization after delivering professional development webinars to hundreds of AIIP members.   In submitting the nomination to the AIIP Board, fellow member Jan Sykes said “Webinars seem to run flawlessly. Cindy always manages the conversation well, gives credit to her team and posts the recorded file promptly. I think members agree with me that the webinars are a valuable component of membership. ”

Shamel currently chairs the SLA Professional Development Advisory Council providing guidance to the SLA Board of Directors on strategies and tactics for delivering the most relevant professional development content to specialized librarians.

Ethical Standards

Shamel Information Services adheres to the Code of Ethical Business Practice of AIIP respecting intellectual property and client confidentiality.