Testimonials of Benefits

“Thanks, Cindy: I took your recommendations seriously! Things are shaping up nicely with tons of work ahead, but we are better positioned to manage what is coming our way.”

— Cultural institution director

“Your report was extremely clear and very readable – maybe the best I’ve ever received from a consultant.  The information was very helpful to me as I presented my business case to the executive team.”

— Archives and museum director

“In my opinion, the value derived from this study is priceless.  I truly cannot put a price on how this study has advanced knowledge management/sharing across my company in such a short time.”

— Knowledge Management executive following a knowledge audit

“Thank you so much for this report.  It’s excellent!  The review of [XYZ ] programs is a useful piece of work.  Also, the legal situation” [you brought to  light provides] “some food for thought”.

— High tech manufacturing company executive

“Thanks very much for the timely report. This will definitely be useful for us. Excellent information.”

— Market research executive

“This is excellent! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround.”

— Biotech V.P. of Corporate Development

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on this topic, especially given the short turnaround time. I have passed on the search as well as the case studies to the requestor. He was very glad to get the results.”

— Corporate librarian

“Hoooraaay! Can I just say you really made my day!!!”

— Project administrator

“I think these results provide a nice baseline that can serve as the foundation for any primary market research that may need to be conducted — especially if we do want specific market share information. Thanks again — kudos to you and your team!”

— Product development analyst

“This looks very good. I think it will really be helpful to the team, and I will forward it on today.”

— Corporate knowledge analyst

“Thank you so much for your presentation.  Everyone in the group felt it hit the mark, especially our boss.  Kudos to you for a job well done!”

— Research analysts

“The report was perfect. Thanks for getting it to me early!”

— Market researcher

“Many thanks for the information!!! I think this will make it. I will be sharing the report with our technical team.”

— Research and development executive

“Great job. You write very well, and the presentation of the results is equally impressive and as necessary to the meaningfulness of the report.”

— Corporate librarian

“This is really EXCELLENT!!. Thanks for the quick turnaround.”

— Corporate financial analyst

“Wow. I figured you were going to be good, but that edit was really impressive, far better than I expected for a first collaboration.”

— Technical writer