The Power of Proximity in Google Search

January 2011, Number 118

Narrow and focus your results in searching Google by using a few of the powerful Google operators and limiters.

The Food and Drug Administration recently released new rules regarding the 510(k) process for approving medical devices. To learn more about the implications, we can use Google to locate relevant discussions.

A search on 510(k) webinar yields 98,900 hits.

We can narrow the results be requiring our search terms to be found in the title of the web page. To do this add allintitle: to the search string.

A search on allintitle:510(k) webinar yields 73 hits.

We can broaden that by requiring that the term 510(k) be found near the term webinar, but not necessarily in the title. To do this use the “around” operator. Adding a number to the operator indicates how close the terms must be. A search on 510(k) around(5) webinar means the terms should be within five words of each other.

A search on 510(k) around(5) webinar yields 66,800 hits.

Experiment with allintitle: and around(x) to see how it influences your search results, and let us know how it goes.

Google has numerous advanced search capabilities. You can read about others in Google’s Web Search Help section at

DID YOU KNOW? – I’ll Have the Lasagna Please

Imagine that you’re hungry. Seeking something to eat, you visit a local restaurant and order lasagna. The chef swings into action and soon a platter lies before you. It contains a
carton of ricotta cheese, a package of dried lasagna pasta, some eggs, a bundle of fresh herbs, a basket of tomatoes, and a block of Parmesan cheese. Clearly the chef has missed an opportunity here, and you don’t have food ready to eat. As a hungry diner you will not value a pile of raw ingredients nearly as much as a nicely presented meal, prepared with
the skills, judgment, and training of an experienced chef.

Are your information sources delivering a pile of ingredients when what you’d really like is a summary of key points from which you can determine your next step?

An experienced information professional can prepare value added reports that provide the knowledge you need to proceed.

For more on this topic, read Cindy’s view of the importance of tailoring reports to meet a defined need. “I’ll Have the Lasagna Please” was recently posted to the SLA Future Ready 365 blog and distributed to information professionals worldwide.

Shamel Information Services can provide this kind of value to your organization. Please feel free to contact us at or +1 858-673-4673.

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