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June 2010, Number 114

Webinars continue to gain traction in the online environment. Web-based seminars (webinars!) offer the sponsor an opportunity to make presentations in real time, including
audio, slides or other visuals, and even a question and answer session. Participants can benefit from the content without leaving their offices.

So, how do we find out about webinar content that may interest us or provide those valuable learning opportunities?

First, check out any associations, societies, or other organizations to which you belong. These days it’s likely they offer webinars on topics relevant to their members.
For instance, AIIP offers free monthly webinars with content highly relevant to owners of an independent information business.

Second, check your e-mail inbox. It may look like spam, but it’s likely that some of the lists or groups you belong to have sent notification of upcoming webinars. I received two
today. One is from a vendor whose product I use, and the other came from a company web site where I had registered for information. Both look pretty interesting.

Third, use a directory and search for webinars of interest. WebinarListings.com launched in December 2009. Anyone can list a webinar for free, but the website is funded by paid listings. Paid listings receive several promotional benefits. To date there have been as many as 200+ webinars listed at any one time. Upcoming webinars include “Using Social Media to Grow Your Business,” “Choosing the right company, and choosing the right boss,” as well as “5 Signs Your Website is Out-of-Date.” Using Social Media costs $29.95 to attend, but the other two examples are free.

Give it a go and let us know how it works for you.

WebinarListings http://www.webinarlistings.com

Association of Independent Information Professionals

DID YOU KNOW – It Helps to Know Somebody Who Knows Somebody

How do you get the information you need when it resides in someone else’s head? Key opinion leaders or thought leaders are a valuable resource for gauging the viability of an idea or product. These are the same people who often have the reputation that can influence others to understand or accept your idea or product.

So, how does one tap into this brain trust? Well, that’s when it helps to know someone who knows someone. Experienced marketers who have developed relationships with KOLs can sometimes connect people who need these valuable insights with the people who have the wisdom to share.

For assistance in connecting with key opinion leaders, particularly in the field of medicine, please feel free to contact Shamel Information Services http://shamelinfo.com.

Notes, News, and Announcements

Last month we talked about applications to create PDF files. An astute reader pointed out that in almost every Mac application there is built-in PDF creation capability. Look under Print…dialogue. Thanks to Andy Shamel for this tip.