What Happened in My Birth Year?

August 2010, Number 115

Start in the small text box. Fill in your birth year. Click on the question mark, and read your story as it unfolds. When I first heard of this web site, I imagined that the
results would appear in a list of events or milestones. Rather, the screen gradually goes black and a narrative appears, word by word, describing what the world was like the year I was born. The story covers movies, books, global events, Nobel prizes,
music, and more.

If you’d rather not wait for the words to appear, click the back button (this works in Internet Explorer, but not Firefox) and the complete story appears. In addition to what the world had accomplished by the time I was born, the story reminds me of what we did not have. We did not have Google or Yahoo or DVDs or VHS or digital books. The world was a different place. What was the world like during your birth year?

What Happened During My Birth Year brings to mind the Beloit College Mindset List. Produced each fall since 1998, the list “provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall.” In the class of 2014, few know how to write in cursive, Korean cars have always been a staple on American highways, and in their lifetimes there have always been women priests in the Anglican Church. When these students were born in 1992 “Ross Perot was warning about a giant sucking sound and Bill Clinton was apologizing for pain in his marriage.”



DID YOU KNOW – Creating a Successful Business Plan

All new enterprises face similar challenges in analyzing the opportunity, validating the market, and understanding the competition. In planning a new venture we generally rely on our experience along with the wisdom of trusted associates to guide our business planning. This can work.

Eventually, however, there comes the time when entrepreneurs need an outside opinion or independent research to point the way. In preparation for that time, consider the following resources:

Building & Running a Successful Research Business by Mary Ellen Bates – This book is a must have for anyone thinking of starting a business providing information services.

Successful Startups: An Essential Guide to Business Venture Analysis and Development by William A. Benjamin and Jason R. McDowall – This book will direct you toward resources for analyzing your business idea and developing your business

Of course we always encourage Information Update readers to contact Shamel Information Services for assistance with any market research needs.


Building & Running a Successful Research Business

Successful Startups

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Notes, News, and Announcements

Look for the September issue of Searcher Magazine with Cindy Shamel’s article for trends and issues in enterprise information services: “Sharing a Future: SLA 2010”.