3 Productivity Tools and Tips

June 2011, Number 123

Evernote – A personal digital assistant that stores text, audio, web clips, photos, screenshots, and anything else you can think of. Evernote stores and organizes notes making them searchable by keywords, titles, and tags. Capture business cards, travel confirmation numbers, notes, maps, you name it. You can access the notes from any computer, phone, or mobile device whether Mac, Windows, or Android where you have Evernote installed. There’s a free version, and the Premium version is only $45 a year. Evernote – http://www.evernote.com

Mindful – A timesaving calendar app for Mac that brings iCal right to the desktop. The day’s events lie underneath your icons, visible but out of the way. Customize Mindful to show the events that matter most or the busiest part of your day. Available from the Mac App Store, Mindful costs only $1.99. Mindful – http://www.argyle-software.com/mindful/

Symbaloo – Symbaloo organizes your favorite web resources on your desktop in a simple, colorful grid. Tiles in the grid serve as bookmarks to the Internet sites you need and use. Multiple grids reside under a series of tabs that you create and name. If you use the bookmarks toolbar in your web browser you will immediately appreciate the value and flexibility of the Symbaloo dashboard. Symbaloo has a free version with “friendly monthly fees” for business users. Symbaloo – http://www.symbaloo.com/

What Does Paul Revere Have to Do with This?

Do a Google search.
Do a literature search.
Ask your colleague in the next cube.

Sometimes you just need to access to an expert, but how do you find that person and snag a minute of their time?

It helps to know people who know people or at have a network of connections that leads to the right people.

Paul Revere knew people. He’s what Malcom Gladwell, in his book “The Tipping Point” called A Connector. Revere’s mission was “to spread the alarm through every Middlesex
village and farm for the country folk to be up and to arm” (Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).

Revere belonged to five of the seven revolutionary groups of colonists formed in Boston following the Boston Tea Party. In addition, he rode up and down the East Coast from New Hampshire to Philadelphia delivering messages between the many revolutionary committees and congresses that had sprung up throughout the colonies. He knew people.

When it came time to spread the alarm, Revere knew who to tell. He knew the leaders and key players in every town. In turn they knew and respected him. Paul Revere was indeed a connector.

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Notes, News, and Announcements

Great quote attributed to Margaret Ferguson, Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronoto Canada: “Google is a good place to start (especially if you’re a little fuzzy on what you’re looking for) but a bad place to stop.”

June 12 – 15 SLA, the association of specialized librarians, meets in Philadelphia. http://sla2011.tornado1.com/