Consulting and Research Services

Consulting Services

Consulting services address information management strategies.

We use knowledge audits and analysis to understand an organization’s  internal information gaps. We then provide tailored recommendations to address these gaps.  For example, a Knowledge Audit and Analysis will typically evaluate how workers within an organization acquire, store, locate, share, and use information.   We use surveys and interviews to gather information.  Based on these findings we can provide analysis and identify opportunities to increase information access, save time, save money, or some combination of all three.

Consulting services also include copyright compliance analysis.  We examine practices for obtaining, sharing, and storing copyrighted material.  Based on that information we develop strategies and recommend tools or practices for copyright compliance.

FUMSI – Find, Use, Manage, and Share Information recently published an article by Cindy Shamel on the information audit.  Full article, free excerpt.

Recent Projects

  • Change management plan for performing arts organization and its archives
  • Library services study for a U.S. Navy base with recommendations for professional support and improved content delivery to the research teams
  • Information audit for a biomedical company evaluating information resources and needs for the commercialization team
  • Information audit for a large, international company that uncovered numerous opportunities for cost savings, increased efficiency, and reduced information management risks
  • Copyright compliance analysis for a pharmaceutical company with targeted recommendations for immediate risk reduction

Research Services

Research services deliver actionable information and analysis for informed decisions.  Clients receive customized research with in easily understood formats that include an executive summary, appropriate tables, graphs, or images.

  • Company Research — Examine key indicators including trends, major players, regulatory environment, statistics and forecasts. Information comes from respected journals, news media, analysts’ reports, conference proceedings, and trade publications.
  • Market Overview — Includes a characterization of a market, looking at companies, products, market size, market share, competition, trends and customers. Market Overview reports offer an executive summary, table of contents, and relevant articles and backup material.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Research selected topics and deliver analysis and insights to address specific client concerns.

Shamel Information Services has access to thousands of publications through hundreds of online databases not available on the Web. Using powerful search techniques, we can systematically explore these databases to look for the information you need.

Recent Projects

Research and Competitive Intelligence

  • Seek further explanation for recent corporate layoffs, beyond reason mentioned in the press release
  • Analysis of software solutions applied to newspaper publishing
  • Identification of end points applied to clinical trial study
  • Study of cost effectiveness of using expatriate labor
  • Evaluation of metrics used to measure environmental impact of product design