Information Databases for Small Businesses

Very small businesses (one or two employees) need information just as much as any large corporation.  Start ups and home-based businesses require market intelligence, the lastest news, and company overviews in order to position their operation to compete and succeed. offers a world class product at affordable prices.  News and business content comes from more than 35,000 sources in over 200 countries with The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Le Monde among them.  Factiva includes thousands of sources not available on the free Web providing a global view along with the local perspective.   Factiva fills the bill for the wide, landscape view of what’s going on in an industry or company along with the more granular look as reported by local and regional sources.

As I write this Factiva offers a pay-as-you-go option ideal for the one or two person company.

Lots More Options at the Library

For more databases, visit your local library.  Most city and county library systems subscribe to valuable business information sources such as EBSCO’s Business Source CorporateHoover’s Company Records from ProQuest, or Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage for financial information.  Depending upon the library, these sources can often be searched from the home or office.

Tools to Format an Electronic Newsletter

Response to the new Information Update has been gratifying, and your feedback is much appreciated.  One reader asked, how did you do it?  Here at Shamel Information Services we have found that specialized software delivers the look and functionality we need.  We’ll point out two options here – one free and one fee.

MailChimp has really taken off as a free option for creating great looking newsletters and emails.  Deb Hunt over at Information Edge uses MailChimp for InSight Enewsletter.   MailChimp offers good tutorials and customer support for the do-it-yourselfer.

We use Campaign Monitor.  This tool comes at a small price that includes access to enhanced technical support and awesome analytical tools.  This is our second issue of Information Update using Campaign Monitor.  We really like it.

Let Us Hear From You

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