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Do it Yourself: Search TV News

You’re trying to settle an argument or win a bet.  You know you heard it somewhere, but where?  You remember a snippet from a news show, and you’d like to go back and hear more.  You want to look for the evolution of a story or topic and how understanding of an issue has changed over time.

Now you have a tool to dig up those answers.

TV News on the Internet Archive indexes 389,000 broadcasts and makes them searchable.  For this article I searched “BP executives” and retrieved stories from CNN, CBS Morning News, MSNBC, BBC World News, Fox News, and many more.

TV News delivers the information in 30-second snippets.  To get more of the story you can search for the next snippet or you can borrow the broadcast on DVD.

Did You Know? – You May be Missing 25% of the Information You Need to Succeed

It’s not all free on the Internet.

One company analyzed the information they collected from a fee-based news aggregator and compared that to the stories available free on the Internet.  They found a 25% gap in coverage.

Had they relied totally on free sources for competitive intelligence information, they would have missed one quarter of the valuable content they need to stay ahead of the competition.

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